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Verfasser: Hennine Hausner
Jahrgang: 1933
Fortsetzung des Berichts: HH01.b.en
Quelle: Internet
Region: Sudetenland, Schönhengstgau, Landskron
Berichtszeitraum: 09.05.1945 - 16.05.1945

I was, at that time, eleven years old, my sister Gerlinde was seven years old and my mother Hermine Schwab was seven months pregnant. The Soviet troops were about one week in our village OberJohnsdorf, near Landskron. Since my grandparents, Julius and Hermine Kreuziger, had not just a farm and a guesthouse, but also a butcher shop, my grandfather had to butcher cattle for the troops. All of the young women were in hiding including my mother, because the Soviet troops were still raping women. Thus, we children were in our grandparents' house. My grandmother was severely handicapped, even crippled by arthritis and thus, the soldiers did not bother her.

My father, Robert Schwab, was not drafted during the war due to a problem with his legs. He worked in Landskron in the City Hall. My uncle, Reinhard Schwab, had finished his engineering education and worked in a factory also in Landskron. Our families did not feel in any way guilty of having harmed our Czech neighbors. That is why they did not flee before the Soviets and Czech partisans arrived.